Purge and Trap Syringes

Operating Parameters:
Maximum temperature is 50° C
Maximum test pressure is 6 bar.
5 mL-10 mL
For the analysis of drinking water samples according to EPA purge and trap concentration techniques (see EPA method 502.1, 502.2, 503.1, 524.1, and 524.2)
SampleLock Purge & Trap GASTIGHT® syringe with an easy-to-use twist valve

Ordering Information

Part Number Model Description
81570 1005 SLPT 5 ml  Purge & Trap Syringe
82570 1025 SLPT 25 ml Purge & Trap Syringe
80300 701 N 10 µl Syringe (26s/51/3) for adding an internal calibration standard or surrogate sample
to the Purge & Trap syringe
86789 HVDP 2-5 Purge & Trap Valve with female luer fitting for use with TekmarTM and 0-I purge and
trap concentrators

Easily remove the syringe plunger and load water sample into the syringe barrel Add an internal standard or surrogate sample directly to your sample through the twist valve with a 10 µL syringe.
Connect the sample syringe directly to the purge and trap valve via the integral male luer fitting.