Spezial Spritzen

Hamilton Spezial Spritzen Saltline Syringes   250 µl to 10 ml. Designed to be used with gases and liquids. These syringes incorporate a PE instead of a TEFLON"-tipped plunger for better durability when working with salty solutions up to 30 g/l
Purge & Trap Syringes 5 mL and 25 ml. These syringes are designed for the analysis of drinking water samples according to EPA purge and trap concentration techniques
Carbon Analyzer Syringes 50 µL to 250 µl. For water analysis with Total Organic Carbon (TOC) analyzers. Wetted parts are stainless steel and borosilicate glass. Syringes have a metal luer tapered hub cemented over a MICROLITERTTM 700 Series N syringes. The luer hub fits precisely into the inlet of a total carbon analyzer
PB600 Repeating Dispenser 10 µl. Consistently dispense sample up to 50 times with the push of a button The repeating dispenser works with MICROLITERTM or GAS TIGHT® syringes from 10 µl to 10 ml.
Use this Syringe Volume µl per Dispense 0.5 µl
25 µl 0,5 µl
50 µl 1 µl
100 µl 2 µl
250 µl 5 µl
500 µl 10 µl
1 ml 20 µl
1,25 ml 25 µl
2,5 ml 50 µl
SampleLockTM ( 1700 Serie und 1000 Serie )Syringes 50 µl to 100 ml. Lock your sample in the SampleLock Syringe with the easy-to-use twist valve. An internal standard can be injected through the valve port into samples contained in the SampleLock syringe. Also, pre-pressurize gaseous samples prior to GC injection. The positive rear plunger stop prevents loss of sample and plunger blowout at elevated pressures.
Digital SyringeTM 0.5 µl to 500 µl. The only N.LS.T. traceable, calibrated syringe device available.
Comes completely calibrated with its own "Certificate of Calibration". Easy-to-read LCD screen displays volume dispensed within
± 0.5 % of the syringe volume. Used with Hamilton syringes with total volumes of 0.5 to 500 µl
Get the best accuracy and precision data possible from a manually operated syringe with the Digital Syringe! Unsurpassed Accuracy and Precision.
Syringes operated manually require visual positioning of the plunger tip to the desired volume mark on the barrel of the syringe. Proper and consistent positioning of the plunger is often difficult due to subjective and personal mechanical errors. With the Digital Syringe, theses problems are eliminated! Achieve accurate and precise injections or dispenses time after time.
Hamilton Certified The easy-to-read LCD screen displays volumetric information in microliters within ± 0.5 % of the full scale volume of the syringe. That's at least twice as accurate and precise as compared to the normally published specifications of ± 1 % for manual syringes. And, Hamilton certifies the specification! The Digital Syringe is the only N.LS.T. traceable, calibrated syringe device available. You receive a complete measuring instrument:
A digital display device A serialized syringe of your choice
A Certificate of Calibration

Optimized Plunger Movement Not only is the Digital Syringe ergonomically pleasing and practical, the plunger movement is optimized for precise measuring.
A"fine adjustment thumbwheel" allows you to easily dial-in specific syringe volumes.
A"plunger drag adjustment" optimizes the rate of plunger movement to your personal preference.
A"plunger brake" prevents premature dispensing of sample from the syringe.
A built-in "plunger stop" assures you of repetitive, accurate volume displacements every time.