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MTB Sampling Valve

Lever-actuated on/off valve for storing and transporting samples in any GASTIGHT® TLL syringe
Kel-F® hub needles attach to the valve
Pressure tested to 6 bar; autoclavable
Bore I.D., 1 mm

Ordering Information

Artikelnummer Description
86580 MTB Sampling Valve

Septum Adapter

Store and sample syringe contents through the Septum Adapter
Attaches to any TILL syringe or luer lock fitting
Replaceable septum

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Artikelnummer Description
31335 Septum Adapter (TILL), includes 12 septa
75810 Replacement Septa, 7 mm dia., 12/pk

Removable (RN) Adapters
For 250 µl and larger removable needle (RN) syringes

Port LD. of 1 mm allows sample spiking with a 701 N syringe
Provides connection to threaded fittings, tubing
assemblies, tees and crosses   

Ordering Information

Artikelnummer Description
35081 Female Luer/Rernovable Needle Hub (L)
35080  Male Luer/Removable Needle Hub (L)
35083 Male Luer Lock/Removable Needle Hub (L)

Needle Cleaning Kit
Contains a selection of various diameter tungsten wires for cleaning plugged needles
Biodegradable cleaning concentrate helps
to remove tenacious residues

Ordering Information

Artikelnummer Description
76620 Needle Cleaning Kit (includes cleaning wires and 70 mL of cleaning concentrate listed below)
  Cleaning Wire Artikelnummer   Cleaning Wires
(178 mm in length)
Use to Clean
Needle Gauges
  18306   0.076 mm O.D., 10/pk 23s, 26s, 31-33
  18300   0.089 mm O.D., 10/pk 26s, 31-33
  18301   0.126 mm O.D., 10/pk 22s, 25s, 28-30
  18302   0.167 mm O.D., 10/pk 27
  18303   0.207 mm O.D., 10/pk 24-26
  18304   0.306 mm O.D., 10/pk 22, 23 (and larger)
18311 Cleaning Concentrate, 500 mL (not included in cleaning kit)