Cheminert® Injektoren und Ventile

The basic Cheminert design involves a flat rotor which is engraved with slots which connect the ports. A stator is held at a constant, preset force against the rotor. When repairs are required, all that is necessary for rotor access is the removal of two or three screws. Remove the old rotor and replace it, put the screws back in and tighten them, and the valve is ready for use at the factory-set pressure specification. No adjustments are possible, much less required. Other advantages of the design include easy panel mounting, low actuating torque, and compact size. The flat plate design offers flow paths for basic flow switching, sample injection, and stream selection up to 10 positions (26 positions in some models). Two position valve descriptions, product numbers, and prices begin on the next page. For information on multiposition valves.
Materials of Construction
HPLC models have stators of Nitronic 60 stainless steel, PAEK, Hastelloy C, or titanium, all of which are compatible with common HPLC solvents. Valcon H rotors are used with metal stators, and Valcon E with PAEK. Low pressure models have PPS stators and rotors of Valcon E2, a proprietary reinforced PTFE composite.
Metal valves are supplied with stainless nuts, with ferrules of the same material as the stator. Fittings for polymeric valves vary with the valve design.
Pressure ratings from 100 psi to 20,000 psi
Inert, biocompatible construction
Easy field service
Automated operation - pneumatic or electric
4, 6, 8, and 10 port and internal sample two position models
Multiposition stream selection versions with up to 26 positions

Two Position Injectors and Switching Valves

The applications sections give an overview of the many functions which can be performed by two position valves. Since the most common method of sample injection utilizes a 6 port valve with an external sample loop,6 port valves are often referred to as "injectors". However, as the Applications section demonstrates,6 port valves can do more than inject sample, and 8 and 10 port valves can be sample injectors at the same time they're also used for backflushing or column switching.

One more variation is the 4 port internal sample injector,which is used when the sample size must be smaller than the smallest available loop. The internal sample "loop"is actually an engraved connecting slot on the rotor which is sized to contain a specified amount of sample.
See Cheminert® Injectors for Nanovolume® HPLC Sample Injectors and Switching Valves
10,000 psi Microbore Für weiter Informationen und Preis klicken Sie bitte das entsprechhende Bild an 10,000 psi Microbore

Model C2XH and Model C4XH Cheminert's Model C2XH is uniquely suited for applications up to 10,000 psi liquid. The R&D 100 Award-winning design incorporates a dynamic sealing system that provides the force necessary to seal up to the maximum pressure limit. Seal force decreases proportionately as system pressure decreases, extending valve lifetime.
Model C2XH is available in 4, 6, and 10 port versions;
Model C4XH is an internal sample configuration for injection of samples as small as 10 nanoliters.

Microbore and Analytical HPLC

Model C2  valves can be used as injectors or switching valves. Choose from 4, 6, 8, or 10 port versions. (6 port valves include a sample loop).
Model C4  is an equivalent internal volume sample injector,with sample sizes ranging from.01 to.5 µI. C2 and C4valves are compatible with all VICI actuation options, with position feedbackavailable for manual valves.
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HPLC Sample Injectors and Switching Valves
Microbore and Analytical HPLC

Model C1  is a through-the-handle (front-loading) injector designed for direct replacement of existing competitive models. Because the handle is integral to the design, all Model C1 injectors are manual, with position feedback standard.
Model C2V  is designed specifically for use in an autosampler. It is like the standard C2 except that the sample port is perpendicular to the valve axis. This permits the valve and actuator to be installed horizontally, while the syringe loads the injector vertically. Semi-Preparative HPLC Model C2 valves are also available with flow passages optimized for semi-preparative HPLC. Choose from 4, 6, 8, or 10 port versions. (6 port valves include a sample loop).
Model C3  is a unique injector with a syringe injection port centered on the rear face of the valve (opposite the handle or actuator), allowing convenient syringe insertion when the valve is mounted on an actuator inside an instrument.

Sample loops for C1; C2; C2V and C3 valves

Low Pressure Sample Injectors and Switching Valves

With Valco Zero Dead Volume Fittings C20Z valves with zero dead volume fittings (10-32 thread) include standard PEEK nuts and ferrules. Zero dead volume fingertight fittings and nuts and ferrules of other materials may be ordered separately. Standard specifications are 100 psi gas/250 psi liquid at 75°C. On request, the pressure rating can be as high as 600 psi liquid.
Caution: Metal fittings will damage the threads and details of C20Z series valves. Use of metal fittings in a C20Z valve voids the warranty.

Model C22Z is a conventional two position sample injector and switching valve, with 4, 6, 8, or 10 ports. Sample injection requires a loop, ordered separately.
Model C24Z is an internal sample injector, for applications in which the sample size is smaller than that of any available external loop. Sample sizes available are 0.2, 0.5, and 1µl.

With Cheminert 1/4-28 Fittings C20 Series valve caps have female threads for direct connection of lines - no couplings are required. C20 Series valves are available in 4, 6, 8, and 10 port versions. Standard specifications are 100 psi gas / 250 psi liquid at 75°C.
Multicolored Cheminert 1/4-28 flangeless fittings for 1/16" or 1/8" OD tubing (depending on the valve model) are included.

Model C22 valves are used for sample injection or switching. (Functionally equivalent to Model C22Z.) Sample injection requires a loop, ordered separately.
Model C24 is an internal sample injector like the C24Z, available with 0.2, 0.5, or 1 pi sample size.
Model C42 With Cheminert 1/2-20 Fittings
With a bore of .180" (4.6mm) and connections for 1/4" OD tubing, the Cheminert Model C42 is perfect for viscous liquid sampling and switching and for applications where low pressure-drop is essential. The multiposition C45 selector valves have proven to be an excellent product line, so the addition of the two position C42 should make easy work of low pressure, high flow applications.